Rice University – Summer 2019

Meet the 2019 Awardees

Antanese Kinard

Advisor: Eden King
Project Title: Gendered behaviors do not influence responses to public breastfeeding

Final Presentation

Bria Savoy

Advisor: Pat DeLucia
Project Title: Does the size-arrival effect occur with an active collision avoidance task in a virtual reality environment

Final Presentation

Andrea Seañez

Advisor: Randi Martin
Project Title: Semantic and Phonological Working Memory in Older Adults

Final Presentation

Rachel Sutton

Advisor: Margaret Beier
Project Title: Generativity and Agency: Do Gender and Age Matter

Final Presentation

Daniela Taylor

Advisor: Chris Fagundes
Project Title: Sleep Quality, Rumination, and Inflammation in the Spousally Bereaved Population

Final Presentation

Kalise Weeks

Advisor: Danielle King
Project Title: Should identity management strategy use vary by intersectional identity in leadership interviews

Final Presentation

Julie Whitmore

Advisor: Phil Kortum
Project Title: Do you know who you voted for

Final Presentation

Hattie Wilczewski

Advisor: Fred Oswald
Project Title: Understanding Usability: Personality & Cognitive Ability as Predictors

Final Presentation

External Conferences

Seañez, Zahn, & Martin (2019). Semantic and phonological working memory in older adults. Poster session presented at the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Southwest Regional Conference (ARMADILLO), San Antonio, TX.